Go vegetarian!

At the beginning of December last year, I decided to go vegetarian.
A lot of people ask me why I made that decision.
Well, let us first take a look at the following video about the consequences if the world would go vegetarian:

You watched the video and you are still wondering why I decided to go vegetarian?
Well, it is simple:
1. First of all, I do it for the animals. After all the recent scandals in the meat industry,  no one can be sure of how the animals they eat are treated. And after all, my opinion is that there is no acceptable way of treating animals to death just for our own consumption. Ask yourself the following question: “What if you were an animal, would you like to be bred, feeded and treated just to be slaughtered when you reach the ideal age and weight just to have the best taste?”. Well, I don’t know about you, but I would not like that and to quote our dear friend Jezus: “Don’t treat anyone or anything else the way you would not like to be treated”
2. Secondly, I did it for the environment. If we keep destroying our planet the way we are doing it right now, will there even be a planet left for our grandchildren? Think about the future! They are the future, but we have to create a future for them …

Still not convinced to go 100% vegetarian?
I can get that! But at least try not to eat meat twice a week, raise it to three times a week when you feel ready to go for it.

Do you need advice or recipes?
One address: ME! Contact me by reacting on this post or to send an e-mail to laurent.turck@student.howest.be. I am happy to help you out with all your question about the mysterious life of a vegetarian!

Trust me, it is really not that restricted as this meme suggests! šŸ˜‰